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Whether you’re moving across town, across the country, or halfway around the world, our team of experts will make sure your move goes smoothly. With years of experience and a passion for customer service, we’ve learnt how to save you time and money on your move—and we love doing it!

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Corporate Relocation Services

When it comes to relocating employees, the key is to make the process as stress-free as possible. We know that you’re not just looking for a relocation service, you’re looking for the best of the best.

Our corporate relocation services are designed to take away the worry from your employee and their family, so that they can focus on their new role and getting settled in quickly. We offer a comprehensive range of services for each employee, so that every aspect of their move is taken care of—from shipping personal belongings overseas, to helping them find suitable accommodation in their new city.

We believe in providing an individual service for each employee, taking into account their needs and personality. This means we work hard to establish a meaningful rapport with each individual, which helps us provide them with first-class support during this challenging time.

Our team has years of experience in delivering corporate relocation services, and we’re passionate about finding solutions that work for everyone involved—both your business and your employees.

ISO 27001 Innovative Technology

We use cutting-edge Global Mobility Software, ensures efficient and compliant management of cross-border employee assignments.

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Solution for your company, no matter how big or small

At Pinewood Relocations, we believe that your relocation experience should be tailored to your company’s goals. We understand that every company has unique policies, budgets, and goals, and we are here to help you achieve them. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to design the perfect solution for your needs. Our strong negotiation skills and wide network of qualified and best-in-class partners enable us to deliver premium services.

Our goal is to save you time and stress, and we are dedicated to providing you with a positive relocation experience. We understand the importance of providing a personal, discreet, and professional service to our clients. Whether you have one move or many moves, you will be treated with the care and respect that you deserve.


Every company is different. That’s why we believe in tailoring our service to suit your needs, rather than using one-size-fits-all solutions.

When you work with us, you get an experienced professional who will take the time to understand what you need, when you need it. You can trust that we’ll be discreet, knowledgeable and reliable—just like having a personal assistant who knows exactly how to help make your life easier.

As much as we’d like to claim that we can handle every aspect of managing your expat assignments, there are some things that only you know how to do best—like making sure that everyone has what they need from their new location and environment.

We can help by analysing your global mobility program—policy effectiveness, performance structure and tracking; expense management (approval and reimbursement), accounts payable and reporting; identifying industry leading trends and practices so you can remain competitive; or even just providing some much-needed support when things get tough.

Relocation Management

When you decide to invest in international assignments, you are taking a measured risk. Statistics show that it can cost double an employee’s salary to hire and train a new employee.

Offering international assignments is a way to invigorate and retain your talent, be innovative with the structure of your company, and improve your company’s expatriate.

Investing in relocation or assignee management will remove the logistical headache that relocating individuals or large groups of employees can bring.

Our highly experienced team alongside innovative tech can map end-to-end the entire process. Our comprehensive suite of relocation management services include:

Quality assurance – we will manage your employee’s feedback and expectations

Expense Management – we can manage the entire expense management for the duration of the assignment

Essentially, we will make sure your employee has a complete understanding of the cycle of an international assignment–including policies, procedures, and culture of their assignment’s destination!

Move Management

At Pinewood Relocations, we understand that moving goods internationally can be a complicated process. That’s why our international moving services are designed to make this step simple, with one point of coordination and one totally independent survey either in-home or handled virtually with a smartphone or tablet. Our home-to-home services are available nationally or globally.

Our accredited quality-certified International Moving Specialists under FIDI, IAM, and BAR provide door-to-door services globally. We oversee every aspect from packing, submitting insurance, customs documentation, shipping, delivery, and finally to the excitement of unpacking so that your employee feels stress-free in their new location, ready to fulfill their new responsibilities!

Departure Services

When you’re moving someone to a new location, there are a lot of things to think about. Our departure services are designed to help you and your employees make the transition as seamless as possible.

We understand that each relocation is different, which is why we encourage you to pick and choose the services that best suit your employee(s). With our help, you can be sure that every detail has been handled—right down to their packing and shipping of household goods!

Our departure services include:

  • Full repatriation program
  • Packing and shipping of household goods
  • Property marketing and sales services
  • End of tenancy Management
  • Dilapidation Management
  • Termination of utilities & mail redirection


When you hire an employee for an international assignment, you are making a significant investment in their success.

We provide a fully compliant immigration compliance service, on both a transactional and advisory basis. We liaise with all partners involved, ensuring all visa and immigration permits are compliant with local requirements.

Immigration is a necessary hurdle to overcome, but one that we can facilitate on your behalf from start to finish!

Given the cruciality of immigration compliance to the success of your company’s international assignment(s), offering this service within your relocation package will not only give your employee piece of mind right from the beginning of their experience; but further protect your investment.

Home Finding

Finding the right home for your employee is critical to their experience, and can make a big difference to their happiness and productivity.

Our bespoke home finding service is delivered by in-house experts to help employees find their ideal home, help navigate local rental practices, and create an individual itinerary of property viewings. As well as reducing stress, this relocation service saves the employee time, meaning they can stay focused on their work.

We will manage the entire process end-to-end: allowing your employee to fully focus on their new responsibilities; minimising your risk and further protecting your investment in the relocation.

Our team will manage everything from there on out: including familiarising themselves with the market, their budget and the location (in order to select the most suitable properties). They can also see a live schedule of accompanied viewings organised to fit their diary!

Importantly, our experienced team will negotiate on your employee’s behalf to reach the best price and support with Inventory and check in; which will later be used as evidence at check-out to

Temporary Housing


At Pinewood Relocations, we understand that relocating employees can be a daunting task. Whether you’re sending an employee abroad for a temporary or permanent relocation, they may need corporate housing during the interim period between arrival and finding their permanent residence. Our extensive network of first-class serviced corporate apartments is the perfect option to start the experience, ensuring your employee immediately feels at home and is ready to focus on his or her new position.

We can liaise with your employee directly before they arrive, source appropriate properties, book and service their desired accommodation, all through one point of coordination, making the process simple, quick, and efficient. Our corporate accommodation consistently exceeds expectations, and we operate with strict quality control to ensure that your employees arrive at their new international assignment feeling at home.

Education Support

At Pinewood Relocations, we understand that relocating employees and their families is a big decision. It can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. One of the most important things to decide is where your children will go to school. We believe in providing you with unbiased help and advice on all the options available to you in your new home.

Our team of experts knows exactly what information you need to make an informed decision about which school is best for your children. We can help you find the right school for your family by providing information on Ofsted ratings, as well as offering bespoke consultancy to find the perfect school for each of your employee’s children.

When you choose our relocation services, we will evaluate school options for your family, provide information about individual school performance, arrange site visits (where permitted), and guide you on how to prepare your child for any entrance exams.

Pet Care

Many companies are realising that pets can be a great way to improve the experience of their employees and improve the productivity of their company.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to bring their pets along on business trips. But what happens when you’re traveling with your pet? Can they stay at the same hotel as you? Are they allowed to ride in the cab? Do they need their own seat on the plane?

Our team will handle everything from making sure they comply with all travel regulations to sourcing pet friendly properties and recommending places to walk the dog or pet-friendly pubs. We’ll manage everything for you so that all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Settling-In Program

Settling in quickly is an important part of the relocation process. It’s not just about finding somewhere to live; there are many other things you need to do, such as registering with the council and choosing utility providers.

Our settling-in service ensures that these tasks are handled smoothly and efficiently. We take care of all necessary registrations and applications, so your employees can be productive in their new role immediately.

Studies have found that one of the main reasons for employees not accepting an international assignment is the potential inconvenience to their partner. Partner Support is designed to help partners acclimatise and adapt to their new lives more easily, which helps protect your company’s investment.

Our diligent team bring a service to the table that is specific and relevant to each partner/family member—whether they want CV writing advice or interview preparation, career counselling, recruitment services, self-employment support or community involvement!