things to consider when relocating your family

Things To Consider When Relocating Your Family

Relocating is an exciting time, full of adventure and the sense of starting a new life. Indeed, more than 300,000 people leave the UK every year to live and work overseas. ¹ However, relocating can also create feelings of worry and uncertainty.

For children and young people, relocating can be particularly challenging. Quite often, they’re leaving the only home they’ve ever known to move somewhere strange and unfamiliar. They’re also leaving behind friends and support networks. The whole process can be isolating and frightening for children.

Here are the things to consider when relocating your family and how our relocation packages can make the process much easier.

Choosing A New School

One vital thing to consider when relocating your family is how the move could affect your children’s education. The key is to handle the transition to a new school carefully and sensitively, with as little disruption as possible.

Our education support service is a key component of our international relocation services. Our expert team take a bespoke approach when looking at school options for your family before you relocate.

We’ll work with you to find the perfect school for your children by researching schools’ performances and arranging visits where possible.

Finding The Right Home

It’s tempting to move into temporary accommodation and look for your new home later, but this will make it harder for your children to settle. Identify your new family home and make sure it’s ready to move into before you relocate. ²

When choosing a new home, think about what your family needs now and what they might need in the future. This will help you choose a home that will grow with your family, reducing the need to move again creating further disruption for your children. ³

Our bespoke home-finding service, delivered by our in-house experts, will work with you to find your perfect family home.

Not only that, but we’ll also take care of other things to consider when relocating your family, like choosing utility providers or registering with local authorities and services.

Consider Life Beyond The Home

Although getting the new home and school right is important, life isn’t all about school and home life. From playing an instrument in a band to competing with a football team, children often have several interests outside the home. Relocating often means leaving these things behind, making children feel alone and isolated.

Take the time to research the area you’re relocating to and find out if they have any teams or organisations that your children can join. Being able to continue an activity they enjoy will help your children settle into their new lives. It’s also a great opportunity for them to make friends. ⁴

things to consider when relocating your family

How Pinewood Relocations Can Help

There are lots of things to consider when relocating, but we’re here to help. Our comprehensive range of international relocation services makes relocating as stress-free as possible for you and your family.

Contact us today to find out how our relocation packages can help you.